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About Us


The Bentleigh Property Management group was founded at 1 Katherine St, Chatswood where they provide full time live-in caretaking and real estate services for one of Chatswood's most prestigious buildings, The Bentleigh. ​

Led by Andrew, the team has been providing five-star caretaking and building management services for the past 15 years.  The 15 years prior to that were in the hotel industry, so it is a very rare occasion that Andrew scratches his chin and says, "I've never seen that before".

Andrew has expanded the business to assist other buildings in the local area because he has heard over and over again how hard it is for smaller strata buildings to find trustworthy advice and project management at affordable rates.


The team is supported by a network of qualified and trustworthy tradespeople and other professionals to ensure any issue, project or improvement is managed efficiently and affordably. 

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