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We take better care of your property

The Bentleigh Property Management group provides caretaking services to many Strata properties in Chatswood.

Caretakers manage common property areas, handle tradespeople and other non-residents that use common property and take care of the general maintenance, repair and upkeep of common property areas.

We work closely with Executive Committees and Strata Managers to understand their specific needs and provide a tailored solution to each individual site.

Our general caretaking services can include a myriad of site specific duties, including:

  • Troubleshooting faults

  • Co-ordinating and supervising tradesmen onsite 

  • Cleaning common areas

  • Distributing notices to tenants

  • Performing regular maintenance inspections

  • Monitoring plant equipment

  • Distributing parking permits and access keys

  • Installing lift curtains

  • Scheduling of residents’ move in / move out processes

  • CCTV monitoring

  • After hours security

  • After hours contact for tenants

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